Unusual Sightings on Swan Lake

Snow Rollers on Swan Lake

These spectacular snow rollers appeared on Swan Lake Christmas night in 1992 . The photo referencing size is of Dot Wood taken by Stan Wood and was published in "Weatherwise", a national publication of weather events in the November/December 2000 issue.

"Weatherwise gives some information on how these are formed. Snowrollers are extraordinary rare and form only during a unique combination of weather events. A accumulation of sticky snow, preferably no more than two to three inches thick must rest on a relatively smooth surface. Also, the temperature must be near freezing to makeing the snow sticky. The wind plays a dominant role in moving accumulated balls of snow quickly and lightly across the surface. Once the roller is formed the wind propels it much like a rubber tire, gathering a bit of snow with each revolution, still being light enough to continue rolling while leaving a void in the middle and rolling to a stop when conditions dictate. Efforts to handle them are futile as they tumble apart. Wind, being too strong can easily destroy a fragile roller three feet high collapsing at a mere touch. The Snow roller weather phenomenon during the formation stage has little documentation by video because of it's spontaneous nature and generally occurring at night.

A Friendly Visit

Helen Robinson, from fire lan 2(Trout Lane) captured these photographs of a coyote swimming across the lake on Sunday morning in October 2011.

Dot Wood Photo by Stan Wood