Only Omelets Fundraiser 2017

“Only Omelets” Breakfast/Brunch
Fund raiser, organized and implemented by Sharon Curtis, Peggy Stout, Helen Robinson, Nancy Baxter and Ginny & husband, Tony.
(Photographs by Katie Curtis).
Come by boat or car-9:00 am/10:30 am/12:00

It featured three or four varieties of omelets, sausage, bacon &’ham, blueberry muffins, juice, fruit and coffee or tea. Reservations were made and seating consisted of 12-15 people at three different times on Sunday morning. Patrons made a $15.00 donation to support our lake’s CBI Program to protect it from invasive plants.

It was highly successful due to the hard work of the aforementioned volunteers, with whom we could not be more proud.