Meeting Dates 2016

June 25 ----------plant/yard sale(Any donations will be appreciated) contact Ann Hooper, Peg Stout, Charlotte Kerrigan, Helen Robinson or Nancy Baxter.

June 13 ---------6:00 pm, Pot luck Kermit Nickerson School & guest speaker, Laura Lecker from “Avian Haven”(animal preserve & rescue)

July 4 ----------boat parade

July 11 -----6:00 pm pot-luck at Kermit Nickerson School with guest speaker, Kate Braestrup, noted author & Warden Chaplain for Maine.

July 30 -----Pontoon garden/camp tour.

August 8 --------State Park picnic, 5:30 PM, with guest speakers, cott Davis & Wea Ashe, “Net-trapping salmon & togue on Swan Lake.

September 12 ------6:00 PM at Kermit Nickerson School, Pot Luck Supper & Musical performances by Bangor Youth Assoc.