June Meeting 2017

When: Monday, June 12
Where: Nickerson School, Swanville
What: Potluck Supper: 6:00
Guest Speaker: Carl Moore
Information regarding the Courtesy Boat Inspection
Questions/answers regarding Lake/dam issues: Bruce Mailloux

Third Pontoon House & Garden tour

Our attempt at the house and garden tour was a big success this year thanks to the loyal, hard working members who contributed their time, gardens, boats and homes. They include the following folks: Pontoon captains, Dale Curtis, Blake Curtis, Paul Fyfe, Rob (who drove the Jordan’s), Lee Robinson. Also. the gardens and homes of Becky and Bruce Mailloux, Helen and Lee Robinson, Bob and Mary Ristino, Nancy and Bill Baxter and finally to Sharon Curtis, Katie Curtis and all members who cooked and served at their wonderful English Tea at their camp. All of this was laboriously organized by Peggy Stout and her entourage of helpers, including Carol Jordan, Nancy Baxter, Helen Robinson Sharon Curtis, Katie Curtis and Maggie Fyfe.

Thank you to all who contributed and made it a success for 2016!